Monday, September 23, 2013

We are HERE!!!!

We have had visitors for the past week.  Some expected and some unexpected so things have not been normal around here.  Not that things here are ever "normal" but it is less than even the usual.  It is always great to see family so while the sewing may not be happening at the pace I would like ( or need at this point) I am going to make the most of spending time with our family and know that I can make up for lost time sewing later.

I was able to sneak this gem in!  I have been wanting to make a paper pieced compass for maybe EVER!  I found this free pattern from Quilting on the Square and it is BRILLIANT!  I could not resist making it scrappy.  I did make some minor color changes to make the center pop a little more. instaed of dark blue and light blue, I chose green and aqua. I want to make ALL of them now.  This one is for a special project  and I cannot wait to see how it turns out :)

and OMG!!! My swap blocks came in the mail!!!!!

Look at this sweetie pie!

Our wonderful hostess Kris made these fun key fobs with camera fabric. Great swap!!!!! Thank you Kris!!!! 

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