Monday, September 16, 2013

A Huge Surprise!!!

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post about my day today.  It's just been too exciting!

First, it wasn't raining!  So I went on a long bike ride.

I came home and was finishing up a blog post.

Then I noticed that I had a phone message.

A very exciting and unexpected phone message.

It involved meeting someone for lunch.

I jumped into the shower (although I thought seriously about skipping the shower, but I had gone bike riding and even my husband wrinkled his nose at that idea.)

I drove to the designated lunch place with my car windows open to dry my hair.

I had to hurry because she was waiting for me at a bar and I didn't know what to expect!  (Just kidding my friend!)

And then I met one of my heroes!

I had lunch with a truly wonderful person - and I think you all know her - I met Darnell!!!

She's as sweet in real life as I would have guessed from her blog and from commenting back and forth!

If you are one of the few who haven't discovered her blog - you need to head over.  She has a way with words that will make you chuckle through every post.  She has an outlook on life that is truly charming and an attitude to which I aspire.  She wrote recently about some truly terrible back problems that she was dealing with but she had me laughing all the way through the post - her view on life is remarkable!! You also quickly get to know about Mister and the twinks, the playhouse, Hitler the hummingbird and damselflies!  Every trip to her blog is an adventure.  She told me today that she had always wanted Erma Bombeck's job and I think she measures up quite well.  

(And she's a pretty darn good cardmaker too!!)

Funny thing - neither of us remembers why we started blogging, but neither of us would ever quit because we so love this caring and supportive community.

I'm not sure she will ever visit me again because I am on week 2 of a nasty cold (not contagious??) and I talked and laughed so much, I coughed almost constantly.  I'm sure it wasn't a pleasant lunch for her!  (I'm so sorry, Darnell, please forgive me - but I really couldn't say no to lunch!)

She was visiting her friend, Cheryl, who is not a cardmaker but was gracious enough to listen to our chatter!  Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing some time with Darnell!

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