Sunday, October 20, 2013

Raspberry Breakfast Parfaits

Weekday mornings are crazy and hectic, aren't they?  I spend about two hours getting the kids ready for school and dropping them off.  No matter how hard I try there is always some sort of crisis like last minute permission slips that need signed, money that is due (does anyone actually carry cash anymore ???), and my personal favorite...Surprise, I forgot today was picture day!  Either way, it never seems to run smooth when you have kiddos and I've learned there is really nothing you can do to brace yourself for it.  You just have to go with it, one step at a time.  

Once my kiddos head out the door I'm in a mad dash to get myself ready so I can make it to the gym for class at nine o'clock.  I usually end up grabbing a banana or some kind of granola bar because they are easy, but they're also kinda boring.  Other times I'll make a batch of hard boiled eggs on the weekend so I can enjoy a hard boiled egg with a piece of toast.  Lately I've been into yogurt parfaits because they feel like a decadent breakfast treat and goodness knows they are definitely more colorful and pretty than a monochromatic piece of toast.      

There are a million different variations on yogurt and/or breakfast parfaits.  Use what you like. I like this breakfast parfait because it blends the fruit into the yogurt which means I don't have to mix the fruit into the yogurt when I eat it.  I also like this recipe because it relies on a bag of frozen fruit, which is nice if your favorite fruit isn't in season.  Raspberries are at the top of my list, but you could literally go with anything here. There are also a lot of different muesli mixes and granola mixes out there.  I like the combination of raspberry with a little bit of chocolate so I went with a granola mix made from oats and bits of dark chocolate. These parfaits are definitely going to get my morning off to a great start!

Raspberry Breakfast Parfaits
Adapted from Donna Hay website
Serves 4

One bag frozen raspberries (about 250g - 350g), thawed
2 cups (500 grams) Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon confectioner's sugar
1 cup (130 g) toasted muesli or granola
1/3 cup honey

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