Monday, October 21, 2013

And just like that...

The summer here was fantastic!  It may have been the best summer ever.  Not too hot, nice amount of rain and had tons of fun with the kids! And just like that...

It is now FALL!  I must have forgotten to check my email for the message it was coming or with all of my visitors or I perhaps just lost track of time. The latter is the more logical answer.

The day after my mother in law left,  I went to NYC to attend the Quilt Alliance Quilters Take Manhattan event!

Hard to top last year's event but this one was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

It is always a pleasure to hear Meg Cox and Amy and Emily always keep things running so smoothly!

This year rteh

 Mark Lipinski was in excellent form this year and with Beyonce's ( his new kidney) help he was going  through Hollis Chatelain's short ( LOL)  resume.  It was pretty impressive!

I fell in love with this quilt

By this very talented lady.

Then there was an after hours party...

Victoria Findlay Wolfe hosts the most fab party at her lovely loft.

Denyse Schmidt was on Team Heather for the smack down

The AB FAB Mark Lipinski was showing off his soft side ;)

The very serious Team Luke with the stunning Earamichia ( LOVE HER)

Everyone was a WINNER in the competition

And look what was discovered in Victoria's sewing room...YUMMY!

When I returned home, I had a call from Rachel from p.s. i quilt with some news...she was coming a day early...EEEEEPPPPP!!!!!

Good news for ME since I was going to be able to see more of her :)

We had a blast, Saw Amy Lou Who and Sarcastic Quilter and the OFF to the Fredericksburg Expo!!!!

OMG, seriously a mini Market.

I found this beautiful girlie right away!

Weather Kim and Becky trying out Vanessa's perfect pose...and it WORKS!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe's awesome quilt!

All the kids in tow ( early out that day)

Adam working on his IG skills

Super cool zipper guy!

The 20 quilts...

This is a whole separate post so stay tuned...

This is the final reason that I have been swept away...the guy on the right came home for one last visit before he leaves  for deployment.  So if I am quiet a bit longer I hope you will understand.

I do have some great thing planned. At least five new tutorials in the next few months and some other cool fun things ( including giveaways!)

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