Sunday, October 27, 2013


phew [fjuː]
an exclamation of relief, surprise, disbelief, weariness, etc.

Marching band season - done.

You may not understand how much effort a high school marching band puts in.  Typically 16 hours of practice during school weeks and full days for weeks in the summer and even during fall break.  Sadly, they did not end as well as they had hoped.  Based on who they had beaten in earlier competitions, they had hoped for 5th, but they got 10th.  10th in the entire state is very, very good but my children don't see it that way (and it didn't help that it was just a couple of judges that marked them way down - other judges liked them).  It was heartbreaking seeing my 6'4" teenager huddled with the group just sobbing  (after they had proudly and coolly left the stadium).  My youngest wasn't too upset, but he has played competitive sports for years and I think he's grasped the concept of losing.

Finals project #1 - done.
Finals project #2 - done.

I am actually back as a full-time college student getting my second degree.  It's a program that offers two classes for two months and my current classes ended today.  I actually submitted my papers Friday morning so I could enjoy state marching band competition.

Fall break for me - just starting!!

For some reason, my college program has a two-week break at the beginning of November and then doesn't have a break over Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Figure that out???

Today - Denver Broncos football!!  Beer!!  Tacos in a bag (don't ask!)


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