Saturday, May 11, 2013

Liberty of London Cathedral Window Aeroplane Bag for Market!

First, THANK YOU to everyone that came and entered for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!  I was BLOWN AWAY from all the comments given.  I am working my way through reading them all ( yes, I do that) since I get such a kick out of you guys.  My online peeps are the bestest!

I always look longingly at sewn bags and bag patterns.  You see, I am NOT a bag sewer.  I really am not. I can sew them but it can be difficult for me since I am one of those people that needs a LOT of hand holding ( read photographs) to be able to sew bags.  I am not a great pattern reader, I am a visual girl.  When Sara came up with the pattern for the Aeroplane Bag and I saw everyone making one, I thought...maybe baby ;o)  I called  Sara to ask how hard is it gogoterms?  She knows I am not a bag sewer and promised I could do it and and not pull all my hair out and say adult words ( truth be told I did say a few but it had to do with the pleather not the pattern).  I said okay and this is the bag I made for Market.

The gorgeous model is my fabulous daughter that agreed to help today without a complaint...I am sure I will be asked for something later today.

I made cathedral windows from my very small stash of Liberty of London (some from my stash and some that were gifted to me by the super sweet Katy from The Littlest Thistle) and had been thinking they would be good for a bag someday.  I have a lot of these "someday" projects,lol!  I used Essex Linen for the complimentary exterior and interior fabrics and pleather for the straps and bottom of the bag.

If you are afraid of making cathedral windows, don't be!  They are easy and beautiful.  I made a Cathedral Window Pincushion Tutorial awhile back so you can try just one.  I promise you will change your mind about these beauties or at least have a really cute pincushion ;o)

A quick note on the pleather. It is not as forgiving as fabric, you sew through it and the needle holes STAY!  That being said, it is easy to work with and you can use Pellon Shape Flex with it.  You need to have a press cloth and no water.  Your iron CANNOT TOUCH the pleather!  It will ruin your pleather and make a huge mess on the iron.  To me it was worth the little extra effort and care.

To sew the pleather, I used a leather needle and Aurifil 40wt thread and love the results.  The 40wt is a bit thicker than the 50wt I usually use and you could probably even go with the 28wt and have amazing results.

The flipside is a cathedral window exterior pocket!

I used a vintage zipper in this cool green that Lindsay provided!  Thanks Lindsay!

The interior is a Liberty of London scarf I bought from Target a couple  of years ago and have just stashed until that perfect project came along.

If you are going to Market next week ( OMG!!!!! IT IS THIS COMING UP WEEK!!!!!)  Look for my bag and say hello!

I really LOVE cathedral windows!

and hint hint...there may be a Sew Sweetness pattern giveaway coming up this week if I can get may act together before I get on the plane Thursday  ;o)

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