Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Baby Quilt

WOW!  Blogger's Quilt Festival time already?  I missed being able to participate last fall and am so happy that I will be able to join in the fun this time!  Thank you Amy so much for hosting this fantastic event again.  I cannot imagine how much it takes to coordinate all this twice a year.

The quilt I wanted to share last Oct and was not able to is the Pineapple Princess.  This quilt was made when my Doctor from San Diego ( he was our doc for about 12 years before we moved) posted a photo of the sweetest baby and when I asked whose baby it was he told me he and his wife had just added to the family.  I have to say, he was the best care giver to me and my family.  He was always there for questions and concerns and even though he would tell me I was crazy at times ( this may actually be a bit true) he is the bestest doc ever.  I had to do something for him since he did put up with me for so many years.  He also added bonus points when he told me her name and mentioned she was named after my girlie ( true or not he got the points).

The stars are from the fab Solstice Stars Series by Fresh Lemons Quilts.  I added the scrappy lines when I was playing with layout and they really work.  The STUNNING quilting is by the overly talented Laurie Tigner.  Laurie saw the quilt top on facebook and sent me a message asking if she could please quilt it...I have never said YES so fast IN MY LIFE!  

The stars are made with Amy Butler fabrics from different lines.  It was fun to see how they all complimented each other.  I loved the combo so much I am reusing this idea with the Lucky Stars BOM  from  Don't Call Me Betsy.  I used was two layers of Pellon batting.  Laurie suggested it and I can see how that second layer makes the gorgeous quilting POP!   I used Aurifil 50wt for all the piecing and sent my Aurifil cone to Laurie to do her magic. Laurie also used same cone for the Irish chain comfort quilt for my son's teacher and I have done numerous projects in between. This cone has been more places then I have been!

One of the most special things about this quilt is that it has been seen by and touched by each of the people that have had input into it's making. Laurie brought it to KC Market last year and I took it around to all the wonderful people that had made this quilt possible.  Amy Butler, Faith Jones, Alex Veronelli, Cris Haskell, Laurie Tigner  I do not know that all of these fine people get to see all the creations that are made with their inspirational vision and excellent products.  It was very cool to be able to share this with them and I thank them for their contribution :o)  Could not have done it without them!

This is one of my most favorite pics EVER ( Sara is so dang cute)...

I am submitting this to the Baby Quilts category.  Now I just want to sit back and drool over all the other fab entries!

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