Sunday, May 5, 2013

I am seeing stars and a sneak peek...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Last week I thought I was on top of things and posted a message that I was almost done with the blocks for the  4x5 Bee that I was working on only to have a super sweet message from one of the hive members that I had posted in the WRONG HIVE and I looked and OOPSIE DUH ME...I also made the blocks in the colors for the WRONG HIVE!!!!!  Luckily for me it is a very understanding hive and I was able to get almost all of them completed and shipped by Friday.  I have one left to do for Manda but she has given me a little more time which is helpful and I need it and she is a dear :o)

Here are the correct blocks I made for my hive. I hope they love them.  I used the amazing Starflower Block tutorial  by Jennifer from Elison Lane Quilts.  Thanks for a fab tute Jennifer!

I still have the other five on my board and will be moving them to the wall of shame for the next kitchen sink quilt that will be coming sooner than later if I keep this up.

After those were completed (WHEW), I need to make another block for a different bee and came up with this little happy block of joy!

 I am seeing stars by this time and almost forgot about Giveaway Day tomorrow hosted by Sew Mama Sew! 

Here is a sneak peek at what I will be offering for my Giveaway ;o)

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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