Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a simple surprise: Easter decor

While Ella was at school the other day, I spread some Easter love around her room. She was so surprised and thought it was wonderful! 

This little chickie perched on her lamp was her favorite part.

A couple others just wandered around on her dresser. I bought these chicks years ago at Rod Works because I loved that they were made from chenille fabric.

This Easter egg garland couldn't be simpler. I purchased a million bags of plastic eggs on clearance last year for .25 each, so my activity day girls could make garlands for their rooms. Then I got released, and was going to give them to the new activity day leaders. My own girls, Kate (daughter), Ashlee, and Tayler (daughters in law) decided they wanted to make garlands instead. :)

The tulle garland stays up in Ella's room all the time. It's so sweet and girly. I'll share a tutorial on how to make one this week sometime.

Happy spring (finally!).

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