Monday, March 18, 2013

Crazy season!

It went from cold to warm and back to COLD here with snow last night...Spring in VA is just CRAZY!!!!

I have been busy doing a lot of things and feel like I have done nothing at all! Don't you hate when that happens?

I did finally make something with my very first Viewmaster block.  This is the very very first one, the one in the tutorial came a few versions after this one, it is the original.  I have had it just sitting and doing nothing so I decided to make a little pillow with it. I think it is super cute other than the fact that sometimes when I see it out of the corner of my eye it looks a wee bit like a boob...maybe that is just me.

If you do make the Viewmaster block ( or any other project you make using one of my tutorials) please post it into my Flickr Group, I LOVE seeing your projects!!!!!

I was also able to finish the Aurifil Designer BOM by Jeni at In Color Order. It is call the Boxer and is very cool! I used Kate Spain Serenade and will be for the entire quilt.

Since it was snowing again, the kids were off from school so I dragged them to Downtown to walk around and get some energy out.

They were so thrilled :o)

We have a real old time pharmacy! The nicest people work there!!!!

that still makes rose water :o)

We saw this beautiful red door

Went to some antique shops and Adam found his favorite

and I found mine

Stopped into Hyperion for a coffee for me and hot chocolate and a muffin for the kids

some quick snuggles

and back to hoping winter will be a distant memory very soon!

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