Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Little Bit of Calypso Coral and iPad Sketches

OK.  I have to admit it.  I think my least favorite color in the Stampin' Up rainbow of colors is Calypso Coral.  I don't even know why. Every time that I use it, it just seems to dominate.  So when I saw the color challenge at Play Date Cafe, I thought that pairing it with just black and white could work...and I think it does!

Happy Bday Butterfly

Last Friday, I spent a wonderful afternoon playing at a friend's house who has even more than I do.  (Yes, it is possible!)  I had to use this butterfly stamp - and I have a couple more Stampin' Up goodies to share throughout this week.  I'll try to do a little more with Stampin' Up.  A number of you started following me when I was doing a Stampin' Up countdown in an attempt to use every single one of my Stampin' Up sets.  Then I found some other styles of stamps that I truly love.  I don't dislike Stampin' Up   - I just got distracted.  My continually growing stash of SU stamps is feeling a little lonely and I'll be giving them some more attention!

This butterfly was the perfect fit for this week's Sketch Frenzy Friday.

And I would not have used these colors without The Play Date Cafe:

Sketching with the iPad:
I am an iPad fanatic.  I have shared many of my favorite apps for crafting in a tab at the top of the page. I will be doing a major overhaul of this section over the next month as I decide on a Google Reader replacement so don't spend too much time looking at it now.

In the meantime, I wanted to share an amazing write-up of an app called Paper53.  Amber, at Damask Love, details all the amazing features and shows you how she uses it to lay out her cards.

If you do your own sketches or constantly find yourself with ideas in your head - this app seems to be a great app to capture it all!!

  • Stamps: Stampin' Up Swallowtail
  • Paper and Ink: Stampin' Up Calypso Coral
  • Accessories: misc black twine

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