Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby quilt top finished with help from Quilty friends!

I had a great Saturday! I was sunny and warm and full of things to do!

A friend of mine had a baby last week and so I really wanted  to make her a quilt toot sweet for the new bundle of joy!  I remembered my Hat Box blocks (tutorial here) that I made enough of last year for a baby quilt but somehow just were placed into the wip bin for some reason.

 I ran across some of the blocks last week but there were some missing.  Not sure what happened to all of them so I put the ones I did find up on the Wall of Shame ( the place where I keep some of my wips to remind me not to start too many things) and was overwhelmed for a minute or two. GAH! I have many things that I need to finish!

I posted this pic on Instagram and the FABULOUS Pat Sloan said "@gogokim not shame! Sew them all into one quilt!"

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE PAT SLOAN!!!!!! Her fabulous quilty brain is only surpassed by her AWESOME kindness! Thank you Pat!!!!!

So shame thrown off my back, I was able to start the process of putting this together. This was the first step and then I had to move stuff here and there and add some touches...

and I ended up with this BEAUTY!  I really am digging this quilt!

And what photo shoot would not be complete without a PHOTOBOMB!!!!

I wish that someone would have emailed Mother Nature to tell her that Spring was last week! Yesterday afternoon the weather went back to winter so I think I will sit at my machine today and work on some quilting ideas for the new quilt top!

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