Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Revisiting garment sewing with Sew Serendipity

I am determined to be able to sew garments.  I do not know the secret lingo of the seamstresses, I do not have all the right tools ( at least that is what I tell myself) and I REALLY REALLY hate to measure myself especially when I end up being two different sizes on the pattern packet!  

Then I saw Kay Whitt's pattern The Marilyn Dress! I fell in LOVE!   It had a waist, which I need since I am a complete pear shape. More exciting for me, it looked like something I could sew.  I have met Kay, she is lovely and such a firecracker!  I asked her all about the pattern when I saw her in Portland.  Was is easy?  Like easier than a Very Easy Vogue easy?  She assured me that I could do this dress with no problems.  I brought the pattern home and it sat waiting patiently for me to muster up enough courage to open it up, got cold feet and called Sara she reassured me that I could do this...

Last night I took the plunge...

Even though I have not straightened from the whirlwind of Polaroid blocks

I have not even swept up my "quilter's confetti"

But this dress HAD to be by midday I was to this point

By late afternoon I made it to this point without one adult word ( patting myself on the back). I also  learned about understitching.

I am hoping I can have it completed tomorrow without my little guy as my zipper in the back ( see the cute toes behind me).  I think I need to take the skirt off and cut another longer one just because I do not care for my knees showing.  I am so happy I tried this one. It is building my confidence in garment sewing!!!! WOOT WOOT!  Hopefully more photos tomorrow but not of my sewing room ;o)

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