Friday, November 15, 2013

Addicted to Fresh Squeezed, CAS and Sketchbook!!

A few days ago, my must-make-ASAP list included an anniversary card.  The card was for a younger couple so I wanted it to be "fresh" and unique.  I was immediately drawn to the sketch at Sketchbook Saturday with the idea of a splash of hearts (see sketch below).  I was also thrilled to see that the challenge at Addicted to CAS was "Anniversary".

Then I was stuck.  I am embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize that I had just praised Fresh Squeezed Stamps for being "fresh" yet I didn't immediately go to my collection to see if I had the stamps to do an anniversary card.  Guess what?  I do!!  So I made sure that I took pictures before I mailed it - then kept it for today because it's my day to post on the Fresh Squeezed blog!

Happy Anniversary

I love the Polaroid frame with its three little stripes.  It's from On Trend 2013 which also has the little sparkles that I used here.  The little people are from Breath of Fresh Flair which includes a totally fun and unique variety of stamps!  I used the sentiment from You Said It, Sister but I cut it in half so that it would fit.

If you haven't tried cutting clear stamps - try it!  It really increases the usability of the sets!  But I would highly recommend that you cut a stamp with a curve or other unique shape so that you can easily fit the stamp back together.  If you cut straight through the stamp - it becomes very difficult to line up again when you want to put it back together.  Here's a straight cut.

Can you imagine trying to get it lined up again on an acrylic block?

So cut with a curve or a squiggle so it fits back together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle!

Kim's Tip of the Day!!  Hope it helps!

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