Friday, June 21, 2013

Fab Friday and Nacho Average Sketch: Can't Thank You Enough

I have another card that I made at my friend's house - the friend that I talked about yesterday who has an incredible Stampin' Up collection.  I wanted to try out the new colors and I remember that the current Fab Friday challenge was to use all five of them on one card and that the sketch at Nacho Average Challenge had five banners.  I think it was meant to be!

Can't Thank You Enough

This is one of the new sets from Stampin' Up called Chalk Talk. The scribbling on the hearts is a chalk effect.  I tell you that because as I am sitting here looking at this picture, I think it looks like I did a really bad job with markers!!  It's supposed to look like that!!

A FIRE UPDATE: Did you hear that the fire that I showed you last week that was just south of here ending up burning over 500 homes?  They expect to have that fire totally out today.  It has been a real eye-opener the last few years to realize that wildfires can threaten entire communities.    There were other fires burning at that time too that did serious damage to other areas of Colorado - lots of land and many structures (an entire tourist area is gone with very sad pictures of a blackened carousel) - but not homes, so they didn't get as much attention. There are still a dozen other fires burning today.  There's even an entire small town of 3,000 people on pre-evac notice.  In an entirely different situation, yesterday a dear blogging friend commented that her town was declared a state of emergency due to heavy rains and flooding.  Even my local news was showing the massive amounts of water and the damage in Western Canada with 100,000 people affected.  (I do hope all is well.) Wouldn't you think this could all be evened out somehow??

  • Stamps: Stampin' Up Chalk Talk
  • Paper: Stampin' Up Coastal Cabana
  • Ink: Stampin' Up Baked Brown Sugar, Pistachio Pudding, Strawberry Slush, Coastal Cabana, Crisp Cantaloupe

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