Monday, June 10, 2013

CASual Friday: A Set of Banners and Flags

The current challenge at CASual Fridays is Banners and Flags.  I have dozens of banner stamps and dies and I still manage to bring more into the craft stash.  I recently picked up the Banner Up set by Technique Tuesday thinking it would make quick and easy cards with the simple use of a sentiment on top of the banner.  With the exception of two sentiments, all stamps on these cards are from the set.

Flag Birthday Wishes
Flag Celebrate Big
Flag Miss You
Flag Love Always

Isn't it great how a simple banner can make a card look so festive!

They had to be quick and easy because it was a long, hot and disappointing weekend.  My youngest was in a big lacrosse tournament.  Thirty-six teams in their division and they were expected to be in the top 2 which would have won them a trip to a major tournament to Florida in January.  Actually, the top 5 teams in a division are invited (under the assumption that some won't be able to go).  Guess where they ended up?  Sixth.  The tournament was 5 hours on Friday, 12 hours on Saturday, and 7 hours on Sunday.    It was SO long.  And it was SO hot.  We got in our car on Sunday and the car thermometer said 108!!  (Of course, that was totally related to the silver sun screen in the front window focusing the heat on the temperature doohickey - but it's still a good story!!)  Here's my little athlete!!

026 ed
114 ed
I'm not looking forward to him waking up this morning because he is going to be a mass of aching muscles and bruises (it's really a brutal game)!  I think I'll settle him into the comfy chair in front of the TV, plug in his laptop and let him stare at bad TV and video games for the day!!  My husband is assistant coach and he'll be just as miserable (minus the bruises) - I'm not sure what I'll do for him!

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