Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cover Reveal!! Forever By Design!

So here it is!! Finally, the cover of Forever by Design:) Worth the wait, don't you think!?!

Here is a little something to wet your appetite:)

They met by chance, and fell in love. But is it meant to be forever?
Callie and Justin are living their fairytale. They are so close to having the family they've always wanted when suddenly Callie finds herself fighting the insecurities that she’s been feeling all of her life. This time, the results could be deadly. Can Justin help heal her pain or will the stress drive them apart? Jay and Jane are trying to plan their future as they face the challenge of Tyler’s fight for the child he’s never known. Jolene becomes the pawn in a dangerous game until a tragic twist of fate forces Jane to finally confront the man she once loved.
Their fates are set, their lives intertwined and their happiness in jeopardy. Can they all finally find their happily ever after?

There's only one way to find out:) I know I plan to pick it up:)
Stay tuned! I am sure I'll be back with more on release day! Find out more about 

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