Monday, April 29, 2013

Sick kids and sewing progress or lack thereof

This is what it looks like in my sewing room today...GAH!
Seriously keeping it real...

Last Thursday the little man and I had a great day filled with turtles, tadpoles and salamanders!  He was great until the last hour or so he was not himself and then it happened...right before the kitchen trashcan...GAH! Poor guy caught something more than cute pond creatures :o(

This was the last good shot and fun of the day!

It really puts a damper on things with sick ones in the house especially when then it travels to the other kids in the house...she was struck HARD!  The poor dear!

So since last Thursday I have been the keeper of the sickies...hoping they will be better tomorrow since I have so much to do and now not so much time left to do it all in!

I was able to start these on Sunday

Today I will be back and forth between my little loves and this room to try to take care of it all...we'll see how that works out ;o)

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