Monday, July 1, 2013

Vacation is now over...

Our family was fortunate enough to go on vacation this year to the Gulf Coast of Mexico!  It is a two day drive and so we drove down to Atlanta to spend the night with family and then drove the second day to the beach.  Since I had some extra time where I could not run around doing my usual crazy, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to try some embroidery with the new Aurifil floss or Aurifloss.  Six strands of wonderful cotton that works beautifully for any hand stitching project and so many colors on the sweetest wooden spools.

I was also able to get my daughter to try some out.  She normally has no interest in my stitching projects but when she saw these patterns from Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray she was a convert!  Katy LOVES the ocean and mermaids!  She has really taken to it and I am hoping sewing is not far behind!  I used Pellon Shape Flex SF-101 to give a little UMPH to the fabric and it may have been overkill but it really worked to help keep the fabric stable.  It is what I had in the sewing room at 5am and it WORKED!!!!!!

I worked on a special Aurifil project and I am LOVING the colors!!!!!  I am going to use this to make an Embroidery-to-Go Bag  that was designed by Sara from Sew Sweetness and Rachel from Imagine Gnats that is a free pdf pattern on Pellon Projects. The

and I was able to start a birthday project for someone that is very special to me!

It is raining back home so I am REALLY ready to go back to the beach and enjoy myself some more :o)

He actually did have a blast he just did not want his photo taken.

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