Sunday, November 27, 2011

out and about: St. George, UT mini va-cay

Every fall, Lynn and Patrick take a "boys" trip together. They've gone to Yellowstone several times and Zion's National Park. This year, they sort of invited the girls (me, Ashlee and Ella). We all headed to the condo in St. George and on Saturday we went our separate ways.

The boys took off for the day exploring back roads and visiting the site of the Mountain Meadow Massacre. They also visited a ghost town called Grafton.

The girls had some serious shopping to do at my favorite spots. Not before hitting the nail salon though. Ella and I got manicures. Since Ashlee was having her bridal photos the day after we arrived home, she got both a mani and a pedi. Ella asked me, "Hey, why does Ashlee get both?" :)

Our first stop was a consignment shop called Urban Renewal. It's right on St. George Blvd. They have housewares and clothing and other fun stuff. Ashlee bought the most darling vintage dress and a silk blouse. Patrick and Ashlee went back later and bought a coffee table.

I loved this green metal gate and those worn pots. I restrained myself and didn't buy either. Now looking at the photo, I wish I'd purchased some of those pots.

Elles Belles had a little visit with Brigham.

Our next stop was Lazy Daisy Cottage quilt shop. They always have great quilts and projects on display. I love the design of the quilt they had hanging on the porch. I bought a couple of fat quarters for a banner I'm making.

And of course we hit the Home Goods/TJ Maxx near the outlet mall. 

The rest of the time we ate, swam and watched movies. Patrick and Ashlee also went to the St. George temple. (It's one of my absolute favorites because of the history.) They watched Ella so Lynn and I could have a date night. (Thanks tons, you two.)

It was pretty much the perfect little getaway.

Other favorites in St. George:
  •  Dining at the Painted Pony. It's in Ancestor Square and has delicious gourmet food a.k.a "fussy food." Dinner is mucho pricey, but lunch is reasonable.
  • The kids always loved visiting the Thomas Judd store. It's an ice cream/soda shop filled with every vintage candy imaginable. Remember those wax lips? Got 'em. How about all chocolate Neccos? Yep, them too. Lynn found glass bottles of orange Nehi soda and Frosty root beer he loved as a kid. It's a fun little stroll down memory lane.
  • During the summer, the park next to the Tabernacle has the best little man-made river/splash pad. Grab a snack and your sunscreen and head over.

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