Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thank goodness I put on my bra this morning! ( the story of friendship and hugs)

I was working on my Friday post that obviously did NOT happen because of three little sneaking girls and one super handsome quilty guy and their scheming ways that rocked my ENTIRE little world!

This all started when Amylouwho was organizing a sewing play date at Becky's ( Sarcastic Quilter) house. The local gals try to get together to sew and mostly chat about sewing and things related to life outside of "Where the heck did you leave your shoes!" and " Did you remember to flush and wash your hands?" ( I am speaking of the kids here and hopefully not the husbands but well...).  I was so super excited to go play at Becky's house.  I had not had the chance to get up there and check out her sewing room ( which is SUPER AWESOME) or meet her fur babies or any of her people babies either.  I was looking forward to my sewing mama escape!

Monday of last week I found out the kids had early release.  Early release is a code name for parent torture.  By the time I drop them both off, I have about one hour to get whatever  I can done completed and turn around to start picking them up again. On these days I get very little accomplished and so I debate just dropping them off in my jammies and socks with not even brushing my hair or throwing on a bra to save some time. My sewing mama day was not going to happen. I really hate early release days!

Amy called and we were trying to figure out some way to make all of this work and it simply was not going to happen.  Then she suggested that they all come here.  Now, I am not usually opposed to have my friends come to my house, in fact, I love to have people over.  It is one of the great joys in my life.   But like many people, I was having an off week.  It happens.  Overwhelmed,under energized and just plain BLAH! I put my foot down right there and said NO...numerous times.  Amy is not usually a bossy person and I was wondering why she was being so odd. I was to find out very soon...

Friday...the dreaded early release day...dum...dum...dum...

Becky called in the morning and told me that she and Amy were on their way to the Joann's near my house and asked would I like to meet up with them for a coffee or some fabric groping ( okay Becky did not say that part but I knew she may have meant it).  I really had to get caught up on some work related items and told her I would have to call her back in a few minutes but I REALLY did want to meet them.  By the time I had finished it was just too late.  I called her to let her know and then was even in MORE of a funk...GAH! Stupid early release...

I was in my sad place and I heard a loud bang on my door. I ignored it since I was in no mood to say hello to the bug guy or even my favorite Fed Ex delivery person.  I just sat click, click, clicking away and the phone rang.  I have caller id to weed out those pesky sales calls and I was thrilled to see it was RACHEL!  I had not talked to her since Michael left for deployment.  I was going to whine to her and then feel much better.  She is awesome that way.

I said "Hello"

She said " Hey, what are you doing?"

I said, " Working."

She asked " From home?"

I said, "Yes."

Riveting conversation so far right? It does get better so please hang with me ;)

She said, " Come to your door..."



I pretty much ran down the stairs ( without breaking anything) and opened my door to Rachel standing in the POURING rain with a big smile on her face.  " I love you" Is what she said and gave me a big hug!

again...WTH and THANK GOD I had decided to put on a bra this morning!

Now, Rachel lives in Ohio...I live in VA it is about a six or seven hour drive to my house from hers.  I saw that she was off to somewhere on Instagram ( I would have no clue what was going on in the world without Instagram) and asked where she was going. Thinking she was off to teach.  She never responded.

Amy and Becky were there too and so was Rachel's sweet husband Shane ( Sweetie, you are the BEST!) and my Babylouwho!  I was pretty speechless, which never ever happens.  Amy came out of the car and I instantly would not speak to her!   Could not believe she did not tell me about any of this and then it only got better.  I had to ask where Rachel was going and then Amy said the most amazing thing..." She is here to see you!" What! Why the heck would anyone drive all that way to see me?  I was confused.  Then I had to take a minute to shake off my confusion by getting a snuggle from Babylouwho.  I am convinced that Babylouwho was a strategic move on Amy's part so I could not really be mad.

Then Amy, Becky and Rachel asked me to look in the back of the van.  I looked over the seat and saw nothing.  Then they asked me to come outside and then they showed me the quilt...the quilt that they had made for me.  The reason of the visit was for these three friends, these sisters of deployment to offer me a hug. This is my hug

Becky has a mid arm and created the sweetest whimsical quilting with Aurifil 50wt in white to match all the colorful scrappy prints including Heather Ross, Happy Zombie, Robert Kaufman, Tula Pink LADYBUGS, Denyse Schmidt and many many more that were used to brighten my spirits.  And Becky did not forget my Magic in the Middle Pellon batting either. Becky thinks of everything ;) It was even bound in my signature red.

And the thing that touched my heart the most was the label.

This quilt pattern is named The Deployment Quilt from Rachel's new book.  If you have not seen Rachel's new book, you need to RIGHT NOW!  It is called Quilts Made with Love and is published by Martingale.  It is filed with quilts to make for situations of celebration or times when people you love or sometimes people you do not even know need the comfort of a quilt.  The patterns are clearly written, easy to follow and these are quilts you will have fun making and be proud to give.  You can believe me when I tell you that this girl believes in these quilts, in the love that they bring...and I can testify that is is 100% right!

Was this to be the end of it...OH NO!!!!  After I was able to get my mouth to close and pick up the kids I hauled my troops up to Becky's house and we had another visitor...JOHN Q. ADAMS ( the man I lovingly refer to as Grizzly) ...WHAT THE WHAT!?!  Best hugger ever...just sayin!!!!

We spent an amazing evening eating, talking, laughing and we all took turns on Becky's midarm using Aurifil...of course...I love her!

Here is John doin his magic!

And Rachel rockin the swirling loops

Thank you so much to my dear friends...I LOVE YOU and life just would not be the same without you!

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