Monday, December 2, 2013

A quilt for my girl

I have made quilts, many quilts...but never one for my girl. She has her own taste and style and honestly has not found anything that she LOVES enough for me to make a quilt just for her. I have asked over the years and she will say that she is okay with this or that but until now she has not been overly excited about anything. I have not insisted that she choose anything.

She does not feel left out in the least and has not given me any grief about not having one of her very own. This past weekend was the big Joann's sale and I braved the Black Friday MADNESS to buy some flannel. It was about 81% off so how could I possibly pass that up!

I had my sister here for a visit with my niece and nephew so we all bundled up and expected to find the store packed. Thankfully it was not and so I had my cart filled up with all sorts of fabric. They had a decent selection of blues, purples and greens, Katy's favorites. I bought them with the intention of making jammie pants and then asked if she wanted a quilt. She thought about it and said YES! So on Sunday morning I did this...

I had Katy figure out her random placement.  I like for the kids to help out with any project I am working on especially if it is for them.

By the time Once Upon a Time was starting I was sewing up the last row!

This is how it looked like last night...WOOT WOOT!  She is super excited!

Now I just have to choose the Aurifil thread color and weight.  I asked for opinions last night on instagram and I think we all decided the purple is the best choice.

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